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I would like to be able to remove references to a particular, individual package in a repository.

If I do not want install something it would be nice to speed up apt-get update(by skipping those) and have a cleaner synaptic screen.


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If I understand you correctly, I don't believe that you can remove entries, or prevent them from showing up in Synaptic Package Manager without removing or disabling your repositories.

However, you can create custom filters based on a variety of criteria:

  1. Start the Synaptic package manager
  2. From the menu, Select Settings, then the Filter sub-menu. From here, you can create a customized filter to include (or exclude) specific package from appearing in Synaptic.
  3. Create a new filter (and name it accordingly).

  4. Define your filter(s) based on three criteria:

    • Status of package

      • Not-installed would be the only box checked in your case.
    • Section

      • This tab allows for applying greater granularity to the filter. Say, if you didn't want to see any un-installed packages only from the Graphics category, for example.
    • Properties

      • Pattern matching can be specified to include/exclude a specific character sequence.
  5. Return to the main Synaptic window and click the Custom Filters button and then select your newly named filter.

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You are concerned about the entries on the right side in synaptic? Those are just entries from the database - only those packages are installed on your system that have green icons.


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While I don't think this should be deleted, I'm not sure it addresses the OP's wishes. This question is about removing packages from the list, not uninstalling them. –  Eliah Kagan Jan 12 at 1:46
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Essentially what I want to know is what directory these files are loaded to so I can look at it.

And you also stated on comments that you need a screenshot. In synaptic package manager, choose the package you want to examine. Right click on it and choose "properties", then choose "files installed" or something like that (I have that in Spanish). This way you will see the physical location of every file installed as a component of the package.

Package properties and files installed in synaptic package manager

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The (original version of) the question was asking about where the "files" were that provided the list entries for the packages. In contrast, what you're explaining is how to view the files that are provided by a package when it is installed. –  Eliah Kagan Jan 12 at 1:47
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