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I try to run thinkfan.
I installed it and configured it.
But if i do this i get an error.

chris@chris-ThinkPad-T410:~$ sudo thinkfan -n

WARNING: Using default temperature inputs in /proc/acpi/ibm/thermal.
Config as read from /etc/thinkfan.conf:
Fan level   Low High
 0      0   42
 1      40  47
 2      45  52
 3      50  57
 4      55  62
 5      60  67
 6      65  72
 7      70  77
 127        75  32767
Module thinkpad_acpi doesn't seem to support fan_control

How to solve this?

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for people landing here: enable fan_control via modprobe config file… – x29a Feb 16 at 21:20

Not a direct answer but you might want to have a look at That place is always an excellent source for Thinkpad problems.

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