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I am running a small media server that also doubles as a NAS drive in my house. I use it to host my Plex library along with my Subsonic library for Roku and my Droid's. It's a real simple ATOM server running two 1TB SATA drives (one on RAID) and a Pico PSU 150 12v Power supply for limited power consumption.

What I want to do though is set up drive spin down to keep it from heating up when not used and from using more power when not in use during the day. Granted a lot of the day I am listening to music over Subsonic, but there are times when I'm not and no one is using it.

3 questions: 1. What would be a good spindown time for this server? To keep from problems with Plex, Subsonic and my NAS requirements and to keep from ruining the drive from too much spindown then back up since that sooner or later will cause problems.

  1. Should I set my RAID drive to the same time, or more or less?

  2. I have tried checking spindown but I cannot using this command:

    sudo hdparm -I /dev/sdb | grep level

Returns nothing, when I run it without the grep I can't find anything that says level.

I found this command for setting the Spindown:

sudo hdparm -S 25 /dev/sdb

Is this the correct way to do it? Once for each drive correct?

Any other tips for managing this that anyone has experience with, maybe processor downtime or something of the sorts?

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