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I have one pc that has two 120GB hard drives in it. There is currently no operating system installed in my PC. I want to install Ubuntu so it will see and use both hard drives for booting and storage as though they were one. I have looked through the FAQ & blogs and the only one that gets close is the Raid setup, however this version of Ubuntu does not list raid as an option.

I only want Ubuntu on these hard drives, how do I go about doing this?

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You need to use an Alternate 12.04.1 ISO for RAID setup - 32bit, 64bit.

For a complete walk-through, please see the Wiki page.

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The wiki page you link to says "This page is about Ubuntu 9.10". Is it still relevant for 12.04? – Jared Beck May 23 '13 at 19:15

use both hard drives for booting and storage as though they were one

To do so, you'll have to check on your computer if the RAID 0 is possible. The easiest way is to give your motherboard information.

FYI : RAID 0 will show only one logical partition as 240Gb but you won't have any backup partition. RAID 1 will show only 120Gb but with redundancy (if one of your HDD burns, your system will still work the time you change the failing HDD)

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Probably you are installing the "Ubuntu Desktop" edition, it miss the RAID options. I suggest to install the "Ubuntu Server" edition and follow the Advanced Installation guide. Then you can update the Server edition to the Desktop edition run this:

# apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
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