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How can I add the format option when right clicking in the icon of a disk in the Launcher? Ubuntu 12.04 has this option. How can I make this in Ubuntu 12.10?

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Run sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions

Search nautlilus-actions in the dash

Open it

Enter the information as follows:

Action Tab

Nautilus Item - mark Display Item in selection context menu

Context Label - Format Disk

ToolTip - Format Removable USB & SD Media

Icon - browse to /usr/share/icons/gnome/48x48/apps/file-manager.png and select (this is just what i used, you may choose something different(

Action Properties - Enabled

Command Tab

Profile - Default Profile

Command - gksudo gnome-format

Parmeters - Blank

Folders Tab

Should already have / listed

Restart your computer

Finally open nautilus and right click any empty space in the directory that you want to format

Select nautilus actions

Select Format Disk

I hope this helps!

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It seems doesn't work easily under Trusty (and new one?) because it uses gnome-format that is no more in default repository, as we can saw at page :

I am looking for an other tools in but nothing seems replace it.

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