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I have created a Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop (32-bit) Live USB using the Universal USB Creator. I selected the "Format Drive with FAT32" option, added maximum Persistent Storage, but other than those, I simply created the USB. When I start my computer and select to boot using USB HDD, my computer gives me the error message, Warning! Boot Failure.

The USB seems to be loaded with all the necessary stuff. I did not manipulate it after creating it.

What is wrong?

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Perhaps you can try install to USB stick using UNetBootin, that is much more easier to create a working bootable USB stick.

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Looks like you are creating live usb from Windows.

Universal USB Creator is indeed a very good tool. I have installed Ubuntu around 200 computers, some computers accept the live usb created using Universal USB installer, some doesn't. I am not sure about what makes the difference. But we have options left.

From Windows, You can go for LinuxLive USB Creator

From any other Ubuntu system

Option 1:- Use UNETBOOTIN (you can find it from Ubuntu Software Center).

Option 2:- Use Startup-Disk Creator (Comes default with Ubuntu).

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