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I want to install php5 on my machine and also php5-cli. I want to first install the ordinary php5 package and then php5-cli.

Are there likely to be any conflicts if I do this:

sudo apt-get install php5

followed by this:

sudo apt-get install php5-cli
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No, there should be no problems at all. If there are, they are unexpected bugs. In fact, you can install both at once:

sudo apt-get install php5 php5-cli

In general, Debian maintainers (and downstream, Ubuntu maintainers) work hard to make sure packages work well with each other. If they do not, they are marked as being in conflict with each other, and apt-get will not let you install both.

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If you plan to use php 5.4 and the interactive cli (php -a), don't forget to add the php5-readline package as well.

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