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ubuntu 12.10 xorg loads cpu core at 100% percent

Not related to snd_ca0106.

What am i doing wrong?

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The high usage problem on lubuntu 12.10 turned out to be a snd_ca0106 soundblaster card. The cpu ran at 25-35 percent with nothing but the desktop, I watched it with htop and conky for a couple of days and the computer was very slow. When i did a cat /proc/interrupts the irq 16 showed up with "uhci_hdc:usb2, i915, snd_ca0106". the number of interrupts was 1916656972 compared to 1780 on another computer with no ca0106 card in it. I removed the sound card and the problem was solved, so it might be caused by some type of hardware. If it is not a removable item you can reassign irq's.

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Not related to snd_ca0106. I have no such driver loaded. – Vyacheslav Jan 26 '13 at 23:59

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