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Possible Duplicate:
How can I install windows Software in Ubuntu?

Can I download and install any windows software in Ubuntu? For example:Google Chrome, Office, Minecraft, Battlefield 3.....

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There is a package called wine, which allows you to run many windows applications.

sudo apt-get install wine

See ubuntu related: or the project web page:

It is not perfect, however..

Good luck.

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Chrome has a linux client, many major softwares do.

Office has alternatives in LibreOffice and OpenOffice, both of which prioritize compatibility with MS Office.

For those softwares which you cant see in linux (most AAA games + misc) you can try to run them using WINE.

You should be able to install it simply by doing

sudo apt-get install wine.

You can also try PlayOnLinux which is essentially a wrapper around wine.

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You will find:

  • some applications that can be install in Ubuntu: like Chrome or Chromium
  • an other that are written only for Windows, then the way to install them is to use Wine or PlayOnLinux, you will find detailed answers in this question
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Windows software is usable and working in Ubuntu using Wine, but in my experience windows software is often unstable and crashing. For a while I am using different versions of Linux operating systems and would hardly recommend using Linux software alternatives, except the ones without any alternative.

As Karthik T said, office alternatives are LibreOffice and OpenOffice. In fact both are the same, but I suggest LibreOffice because it is still developing and gets regular updates. I use Chromium (linux version of Chrome) on a daily basis and it works perfectly.

Tell whatever software you need, several alternatives will be ofered to you.

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