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Good Day. I created a bootable USB stick on an Ubuntu system as instructed, using Startup Disk Creator from the downloaded ISO file "ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso".

I made sure that the target laptop has USB as one of first boot devices. When I boot from this USB stick, the light on the USB stick starts flashing, the Ubuntu purple screen with "ubuntu" and the five dots is shown and the dots start to turn from white to red and back to white. All this time the USB drive led flashes. So far, so good, the laptop is booting Ubuntu from the USB stick. Then, after 20 seconds or so, the five dots below "ubuntu" stop changing colors and the led on the USB stick stops to flash. The laptop seems frozen. Nothing works any more (e.g. pressing caps lock does not turn on the caps lock led on the laptop).

I created another USB stick to ensure that it was not a faulty USB stick, but that did not change anything. Still a hung laptop somewhere half way the Ubuntu boot process.

Any ideas what to try next?

Specs of laptop: Dell Latitude E6510 with Intel Core i5 processor, 4 Gbyte memory, 500 Gbyte hard disk, Intel GMA HD video controller, IDT 92HD81 audio controller, Broadcom wireless WiFi device and an on-board GE LAN controller.

Thank you.

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You should look at this answer: askubuntu.com/questions/162075/… –  Javier Rivera Jan 4 '13 at 9:15
The nomodeset under F6 does not fix my issue. The freeze/hang still occurs on a screen that says "Ubuntu 12.10" with four red/white dots below it. –  Erik-Jan Jan 4 '13 at 10:57
It is strange as I booted the laptop with 11.10, installed Ubuntu 11.10 on it without a problem now. A distribution upgrade to 12.04 LTS is now done as well, without problems. –  Erik-Jan Jan 4 '13 at 11:52
One more data point: Next I did a Distribution Upgrade to 12.10 and that process finish without problems. I just rebooted the system and it hangs at the splash screen at the same as trying to install 12.10 from the USB stick. Now am I stuck... Any help? –  Erik-Jan Jan 4 '13 at 13:06
During boot I hit the space bar and was able to enter the Grub editor screen. I removed "quiet splash" and added "nomodeset" just like with the examples Javier Rivera pointed to. After Ctrl-X the laptop starting booting and now clearly hangs again, with the last line on screen that says "Setting sensors limits [ OK ]". Any further hints? Appreciated! –  Erik-Jan Jan 4 '13 at 13:23
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