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I downloaded a tar.gz file and opened it with archive manager. When I try to copy files and folders from the archive, the copy files process will hang after a few files has been copied successfully.

The hanging remains even if the "File Operations" window are closed. I know this because when I try to unmount the mounted archive, there will pop-up a dialogue box and says: 'File Operations(nautilus -n) are keeping the volume busy!' And the archive cannot be unmounted even if I click the "Unmount Anyway" button.

Ubuntu 12.10 (amd64+mac) running on VMware Fusion 5

How do I troubleshoot this issue and find out what is causing Nautilus to hang?

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clark I just edited your question, hopefully making it clearer. It may need more editing though. I think you are trying to use Archive Manager to extract the compressed tar.gz files to a directory, not copy the files, correct? Also, is all this happening on an internal drive? USB thumb drives can be very slow, and frequently cause Nautilus to hang like this. If you have any more detail please re-edit your question. –  Tom Brossman Jan 4 '13 at 10:45

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