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In BIOS, I have set the CD drive as a priority boot drive. The DVD boots fine on my other desktop (Windows 7). My PC is a bit old, is this the problem? The DVD drive tries to boot but after a while, it boots to the C:/ drive.

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Are you sure you've got a CD disk, not a DVD? Ubuntu 12.10 does not fit on a CD, as far as I know. Which would explain why your "a bit old" machine does not boot from it (assuming that it has a CD drive). – Sergey Jan 4 '13 at 5:50

To solve your problem:

  1. Boot in Windows 7;
  2. Insert the Ubuntu CD;
  3. When the "Autoplay" pops out click next;
  4. Now click "Help me to boot" and next;
  5. Wait while the boot entry is installed;
  6. Click "Reboot Now" and then click "Finish";
  7. When the boot manager appears use the arrows to select "Ubuntu" and press enter;
  8. Wait;
  9. Install Ubuntu.
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