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Canonical has recently announced Ubuntu for phones, which is Ubuntu with a specific interface for mobile devices.

Where can I get phones with this version of Ubuntu pre-installed? If no devices are available yet, where can I pre-order one?

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Shopping advice or "where can I buy" question are not within the topicness of Stack Exchange. –  Braiam Feb 28 at 20:46
@Braiam This isn't a shopping recommendation question; they know exactly what they want to buy. Moreover, it can be answered objectively without reaming through dozens of questions (which is what that post complains about). –  Oli Mar 2 at 8:03
@Oli "Where can I get phones with this version of Ubuntu pre-installed?" if it isn't you tell me what is? In the entire SE, nobody tells you where to buy stuff. –  Braiam Mar 2 at 11:07

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From the 9th February 2015, Canonical's partner, BQ has announced that Ubuntu Touch will be pre-installed and can be purchased on-line. This phone is intended for the European market only.

Meizu has finally confirmed that it plans to use an MX4 device to present the Ubuntu system at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona (March 2 and 5). This phone is intended for the European and Chinese market only with April as an expected release month.


Quad-core 2.2 GHz Cortex A17 processor and a quad-core 1.7 GHz A7 processor, and the two are used in tandem or separately, depending on needs.

It also comes with a 5.36-inch Sharp/JDI display, at a 1920 x 1152 resolution, and Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and a 20.7-megapixel back camera (2MP on the front one).

More on Softpedia

According to OMG! Ubuntu!

America will hear news about an exclusive Ubuntu Phone from an as-yet-unnamed manufacturer in June.

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Made answer CW to encourage others to add to this as and when new phones become available. –  fossfreedom Feb 6 at 15:40

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