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Canonical has recently announced Ubuntu for phones, which is Ubuntu with a specific interface for mobile devices.

Where can I get phones with this version of Ubuntu pre-installed? If no devices are available yet, where can I pre-order one?

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Update February 2014: Canonical annouces that bq and Meizu will ship Ubuntu phones, available to order online globally.

Update February 2013: According to a Wall Street Journal article, Ubuntu-powered smartphones will become available as soon as October 2013. Presumably, this is referencing Ubuntu for phones, and not Ubuntu for Android.

Update July 2013: Ubuntu Edge is a crowd-funded high end phone for enthusiasts and early adopters. They will ship in May 2014 to the backers, assuming the funding goal of $32 million gets reached.

Update August 2013: The Ubuntu Edge campaign ended, raising $12 million in pledges, failing to reach its funding goal. The Ubuntu Edge phone is not going to be, so we're back to waiting for announcements about a more mainstream Ubuntu phone device.

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Update Feb 2014 ? Also the video. –  Wilf Feb 20 '14 at 17:38
@Wilf: done. Feel free to edit answers yourself in future! Unopinionated edits like these are always welcome, I find. –  Flimm Feb 21 '14 at 10:51

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