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I have to make three combo boxes become aligned with each other, on the right of my application, which will contain pre-defined responses to questions asked with labels on the left. However, I can not imagine a way to do this with Glade, since it insists on placing all the widgets next to each other. How can I properly align these widgets?


Here's an application mockup:

Application mockup

And here's what I have with Glade:

User interface in Glade

My intent is to make the UI in Glade at least similar to mockup UI.

EDIT (2):

There's the app widget tree:

App widget tree

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You might want to expand your question as to how dynamic your application is - what are you using to output the questions to. Are you using GtkGrid's for your alignment etc. – fossfreedom Jan 3 '13 at 14:04

Don't use a seperate grid for each label/comboboxtext, but use one grid for all of them. Also, set the x-align property of the labels to 0 for nice alignment.

Here is my attempt, just save and open in Glade.

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