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so this is my brothers pc and i finally convinced him to try out ubuntu and went about installing it...

he did have windows 7 and xp installed (with 4 partitions, win7, documents partition, win xp and another partition which called itself extended partition.

so ubuntu installed and then when i rebooted on grub it first showed ubuntu or "windows vista boot repair" (which was the original os when my bro got this, it came with a free upgrade to win 7).

i cclicked on the vista option and it said insert win recovery disk.

i ran BOOT REPAIR and all that did was remove the windows vista option to boot....

here is the most recent boot repair pastebin

thanks for any help you can give

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i put in the windows 7 installation disk and clicked repair and it repaired the boot file, all fixed now :)

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You fixed you need help getting Ubuntu to boot after this? – Eliah Kagan Jan 3 '13 at 17:46

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