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I have a large collection of academic papers as pdf files organized into a file structure. I uploaded them all to Ubuntu one, hoping to then use Goodreader on my iPad to download them to this device. However, Goodreader does not display Ubuntu one as a server option. I tried downloading the Ubuntu one software for iOS, which is actually for the iPhone. It appears worthless for transfering files to the iPad for use with Goodreader. Is there any way of downloading pdf files from Ubuntu one to Goodreader? Perhaps by jailbreaking my iPad?

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sync with Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync and any WebDAV, AFP, SMB, FTP or SFTP server

Why dont you pick one of those choices? Dropbox would be my pick.

If Ubuntu One mobile app is like that of dropbox, it will not sync all files, only those you want to view, and to some place which is perhaps private to only Ubuntu one, or at best at a convoluted path.

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What I do, with epub files (rather than PDFs, because epub is the format I have books in) and Bluefire (an epub reader), is put the epub files in Ubuntu One: if I browse to those files in the Ubuntu One app (for iPhone) and hit "View" on a file, it downloads. I then hit the Share button to share the file with another app and an overlay comes up saying "View in Bluefire", because Bluefire is an epub reader. Does Goodreader not come up in that overlay for you?

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