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my sister was having problems with OS X on her ibook g4 so i was sure that i could help her out by installing ubuntu on the machine.

Then some problems started to rise up, first the wireless did not have drivers so it would not even start up, somehow got that off the way, but i have two problems left:

1. Touchpad does not work properly ( sometime works fine for 3 min, then it only keeps switching desktops/workspaces or behave weird, like moving the cursor only sideways . Right now the touchpad is acting as a scroll for this webpage, does not do anything else.)

2. There is no audio

Because it is a slow machine I installed Lubuntu 12.04 PowerPC. I know that with ibook g4 is not the best machine to try this, especially by a complete beginner like myself, but my sister really likes her computer and i would be really glad to get things working.


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you could try lubuntu instead, ibook's can't really run Ubuntu, remember to use 12.04 as well EDIT- join #ubuntu-powerpc or #lubuntu on irc.freenode.net, someone there should know. –  Noskcaj Jan 2 '13 at 21:56
The OP is using Lubuntu 12.04! –  Eliah Kagan Jan 2 '13 at 21:59
oops, i only read half the post. –  Noskcaj Jan 2 '13 at 22:04
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