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I have installed the Libraries and files for OpenCV 2.4.3. However, the Software Center lists just the python bindings for OpenCV2.3. Where do i get the python bindings for 2.4.3 ? How do i install it ?

I have 12.04 64bit and i use Python 3.2.3.

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OpenCV 2.4 is orginial proposed for Raring (13.04) and the same is backported for previous version.

You can download the python bindings for OpenCV 2.4 from here

But make sure you have met the dependencies mentioned here

I am not sure whether OpenCV2.4 will work well with Python 3.2.3. You can try your luck.

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Finally, i have given up. The packages (raring) are creating too many conflicts. – AsheeshR Jan 3 '13 at 4:33

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