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If I allow the network manager to "manage" my nameserver, it resolves to the IP address of the router. This effectively makes both Evolution and Opera unuseable, slowing them both to a crawl (I am sure other things are affected, but I have yet to notice).

However, if I manually configure resolv.conf with the ACTUAL nameservers pulled from my router, and make it immutable with the "chattr -i" command, both Evolution and Opera run as they should, but this breaks Ubuntu One. I get the dreaded list of "unknown" everythings...

Any idea how to make both function properly?

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What you should do is to configure your system to override the default nameserver (given by DHCP), in a way that it is compatible with NetworkManager. And the way to do this is to add your selected nameservers in the dhcp client configuration file, at /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf.

One way to do this is to uncomment the prepend domain-name-servers line. Make it look something like

prepend domain-name-servers;

If you are really interested in speedy DNS lookups, you can cache the DNS requests using, for example, dnsmasq. Ask a new question for this, use as title How can I speed up the DNS requests with caching.

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