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My desktop has intel 82845g/gl (brookdaleg) chipset can't enable intel driver. Runs well with VESA.

But when I try to enable the intel driver the xlog shows an error that no device detected and boots in text mode what should i do to solve this?

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I recently answered a similar question with this chipset.

In summary - it sort of works in Natty - but you'll need to add a grub boot option of i915.modeset=0 and install Unity 2D.

The OP for that question found that Lubuntu worked much better than Unity-2D.

I suspect that the OP for this question was using either Maverick or Lucid. Both of these version of Ubuntu had serious i8xx issues - the Kernel team blacklisted the i8xx series - they only ran with the seriously degraded VESA mode.

There are suggested workarounds for i845 for Maverick and Lucid - but in my experience - upgrade/fresh install to the Lubuntu 11.04 (or possibly Xubuntu 11.04) - remember to use the grub-option I described.

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