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I have x2 HD's, HD 1 with partitions for WIN XP and UBUNTU and an additional 2 partitions. I installed WIN XP, followed by UBUNTU (from CD) onto HD 1. I can boot up (into either UBUNTU or WINXP) but only if in BIOS I change the BOOT PRIORITY to HD 2 then HD 1, which is the opposite to how I normally have it set up (i.e. BOOT PRIORITY was previously set to HD 1 then HD 2)

I am assuming that this is due to during install of UBUNTU/GRUB, i seem to have installed the ubuntu/grub boot loader to HD 2... ?

Is there a way I can move/change this so that is set up so that i can have it all on HD 1, and therefoe can have my BOOT PRIORITY set to HD 1 then HD 2?

Thanks in advance.

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