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I have a sony xperia tipo dual phone, and when I connect it via USB and try to download an app from the market, it gets downloaded and installed on my phone, so I guess my phone is detectable by ubuntu, the problem is I cannot see it or mount its internal storage nor its SD card so I can e.g. transfer files or so, what can I do to solve this problem ??

Thank you

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when you download app to phone using browser, that are not downloaded via usb. Probably your phone is connected to internet via wi-fi/ GPRS. The app is downloaded using that connection (not usb).

Go to Settings → Xperia → connectivity → USB connection mode. Change the mode to mass storage mode (MSC)

Now hopefully you can see the sd card.

This answer is based on my xperia ray. So the option may be hiddedn somewhere else.

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This connects the SD Card, but not the internal storage. How do I connect internal storage without having to install that connectivity software which only works on Windows? – udiboy1209 Jun 24 '14 at 9:06

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