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I formerly had windows 7 without ubuntu. Now I upgraded it to windows 8..then I installed ubuntu 12.10 with live disk.

After installing it runs ok and I see a dual boot option in grub menu. Now sometimes I log in to windows 8 for some tasks. After some days I find windows 8 not interesting and I want to reinstall windows to do that I have to boot windows 7 disc from my dvd drive just like before..

My problem is if I want to reinstall windows it will not again show the grub menu and will directly go the windows desktop... So how can I get back that boot option menu (grub) to log in to ubuntu after reinstalling windows?

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Hi Hunter. Welcome to AskUbuntu. Did you check this post:…? – don.joey Dec 31 '12 at 7:21

There are two ways to fix that, 1) After installing Win7, try re-installing grub from live ubuntu. (or) 2) Use Easy BCD from Win7 to bring back grub entries.

Hope it helps :)

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please explain further..i dont seem to understand..explain the process – Hunter Dec 31 '12 at 9:03

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