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I have sheet that looks like this

Column A Column B Column C Column D
Emp ID Location Name Function

EHGIK Gurgaon Rahul Sales

EHGHH Noida Jeevan Sales

EHJHL Gurgaon Prakash Marketing

LKHRE Delhi Sundar IT

I am trying to calculate the no. of users that belong to location "Gurgaon" using countif. Have tried using countif cell range that include all cells OR only location column cells and criteria as "Gurgaon" but the formula doesn't return the count. The same formula however works fine when counting names using "Rahul" as criteria returns '1" and the same with any function name such "Sales". But the count does not return any value other than '0" whenever I select any of the location names such as Gurgaon or Noida or EMP ID using "" double quotes. Can't understand why?

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Well, Please post your question to ask.libreoffice forum –  Prashere Dec 31 '12 at 13:31

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