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Possible Duplicate:
How to recover deleted files?
Windows 7 doesn’t boot after Ubuntu install

I am new to Linux. While installing I was being displayed with only 2 drives - Primary and Logical , I assigned few space from Logical to linux but after installation my logical drive has gone/formatted. Also I am not able to boot up in my primary drive which was having windows 7 on it. But I can see my windows 7 drive on linux.

So guys please help me how to recover my data from my logical drives - I really need it, and I ams sure it has not been overwritten till now.

Also help me to boot up windows 7, It boots but after that I face blue screen of death.

So guys please suggest me data recovery software, as I am a student so cannot afford to buy one.


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"Also help me to boot up windows 7, It boots but after that I face blue screen of death." we can not help you with that. It is a Windows problem and needs to be addressed from Windows. – Rinzwind Dec 31 '12 at 12:42
I tried testdisk and able to see my whole drive logical one which I would like to recover...But I dont have an ext HD... so can I connect my PC(windows xp) or my friends laptop ( windows 7) with it and take backup there through LAN/ ethernet wire...There is no other way of connection...Also a tutorial on connecting ubuntu 12.10 with windows xp and 7. I search and got only samba...but when I connected my ubunto laptop just showing Wired Connected and disconnected , I am not able to browse my windows data... – shivamDev Dec 31 '12 at 16:55

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