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I am trying to categorize threads where people are just trying to get a Unix laptop or a Linux laptop. It means the laptop is designed to work with Unix or Linux with freedom-respecting way: without having to worry about things such as closed driver issues or wasting time in installation of the os.

Personally, I would like to get basic Linux tools such as GNU Coreutils, Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, SED, AWK, Emacs, Vim-full, Git, apt-get/aptitude (or other proper package-manager/installer) etc -- by clicking some dialogs and order the laptop online or out of the box (or something like Xcode-style easy installation) -- without me wasting time in the installation. The laptop must follow POSIX guidelines. The laptop must be able to work as a development machine so for example Chrome OS is not option with limited physical data transfer (everything through the slow cloud).

How can I buy a freedom-respecting Unix laptop or Linux laptop such as a preinstalled Ubuntu laptop?

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Ubuntu specific laptops and desktops

enter image description here

What more could you ask for except for Santa to bring it NOW!

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There seem to be many people in the same problem as you. Please, see if any of the threads target your issue.


  1. Laptops that will work with Ubuntu

  2. Who makes laptops for Ubuntu?

Brand specific

  1. where can I buy a Lenovo X220 with ubuntu preinstalled?

  2. Running Ubuntu on Vaio laptops

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I have an Acer Aspire I got from Amazon marketplace with 12.04 pre-installed. It's pretty good.

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