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I have a very fresh install of lucid 10.04 64bit, fully upgraded, and with a raft of additional packages added. Amongst them is emacs (23.1+1-4ubuntu7). I habitually launch emacs from a terminal.

I just observed that when I have the GUI emacs (i.e., the result of running emacs not emacs --nw) and I ALT + TAB away from it, each press of ALT + TAB results in the line

** (emacs:7690): CRITICAL **: murrine_style_draw_box: assertion `height >= -1' failed

being output to my terminal window (I assume it's from the stderr of the emacs process).

This didn't happen on jaunty 9.04, for which I had the default jaunty emacs package installed.

How to fix?

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[Before posting the question, I found the answer and thought it best to get that information into this system. Hence the self answer. I've made my answer community wiki.]

The bug is known, and there is a work-around in this comment on it. I effected the change there suggested; once I closed and reopened emacs, the problem was solved.

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This is not a solution, but an easy workaround to this problem is to simply change the theme. The default theme:

System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Theme

is set at Ambiance. Changing it to Clearlooks solves the problem (and one could simply customize so that it "looks" like any other theme you like).

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