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I have both Ubuntu and Windows installed on my computer.

On my previous Ubuntu install turning the computer on by pressing the normal power-on button would boot the system directly to Ubuntu (grub_timeout was set to 0).

Turning the computer on pressing the Assist button would boot directly to Windows.

enter image description here

After removing and reinstalling Ubuntu the Assist button no longer boots to Windows. Where and how can I configure the system to boot a specific OS depending on the power-on button?

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I would be happy to see and accept a more general answer to question than the one I provided. – danjjl Dec 30 '12 at 10:34
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I got it working. Not exactly sure how so my instructions will be a bit fuzzy.

I was trying to follow GRUB's instructions on enabling vendor power-on keys.

After unsuccessfully getting a difference :

diff normal_button.txt normal_vendor.txt

between (on normal boot) :

sudo modprobe nvram
sudo cat /dev/nvram | xxd > normal_button.txt

and (on vendor button boot)

sudo modprobe nvram
sudo cat /dev/nvram | xxd > normal_vendor.txt

This sentence in the instructions caught my eye :

To take full advantage of this function, install GRUB into the MBR

Instead of reinstalling Grub on the MBR, I changed the MBR. I opened GParted and changed the boot flag from my Windows partition to my Ubuntu partition. For an unknown reason this was enough to make it work

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