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this QuickStart guide mentions configuring JAVA_HOME in This is supposed to be located in the hadoop installation directory. However, I installed this from a 1.0.4 .deb package on Ubuntu 12.04. This creates multiple and the startup scripts at /usr/sbin. I'm not sure which i should use for my configuration. A related question is what directory should be specified as HADOOP_HOME.

from the wiki:

HADOOP_HOME is the parent directory of the bin directory that holds the Hadoop scripts

i'm sure they don't mean the parent of /usr/sbin though.

$> locate



I am also using this for reference since I'm setting up a single-node cluster. I think I downloaded the deb package from Cloudera but I can't recall at the moment and I'm considering restarting the installation

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I think that /etc/hadoop/ is a right file to edit.

I also set up Hadoop according to the tutorial you mentioned but I downloaded a Hadoop distribution from Apache website.

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