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The detail view of Thunar shows the modification time as localized date (dd.mm.YYYY for my location), which is fine, but I would like to see the time, too.

And it doesn't show the recently modified files in the same manner, butnew years new years decorates them as 'yesterday, today, monday' and so on, which is a nice programming etude, but not really useful to me.

Au contraire - it is pretty annoying to have this mixture in the interface. The next version will look into my calender and mark some files 'easter 2007, moms birthday 2002' and 'third monday of last month'. Thank you!

But if ohters prefer it - I'm fine. I just want to know whether I can modify the setting somehow. This is Xubuntu 12.04 LTS, Thunar 1.2.3.

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open Thunar and choose preferences from Edit menu . then at Display , choose the date format as you want. I am uploading the image too . enter image description here

hope that helps .

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That easy? I'm ashamed. :) –  user unknown Dec 29 '12 at 2:31

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