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i am finding nowhere a solution I am running UBUNTU 12.04 and using GNOME desktop, which I installed additionally. Logging into classic GNOME I see the following:

screengrab of toolbar

  1. WHAT is this "earth globe" icon coming from?Seems to be named "starter". It is configured to open a website, from my bookmarks.

  2. WHY is it not showing the TIME?

Using dconf-editor I had no luck in answering the above questions.

Any idea?

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New answer:

Go to a blank space on the panel, press Windows+Alt+Right Click and Add to panel, then choose the Clock and Add, like here

Older answer:

1) hold these keys on the icon: Windows+Alt+Right Click and click remove or something similar.

2) open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install indicator-datetime


sudo apt-get install --reinstall indicator-datetime

logout or restart your pc.

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