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How can I create a .iso (USB) of my current system?

Is there a way to create a live-usb without downloading the iso files from the internet. Actually, I am using lubuntu on my PC but I don't have the ISO with me anymore; so I wanted to know how can I create a live-usb from the installed OS(Lubuntu) on my System.

I am trying to avoid downloading the isofile.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Even with the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator you need to download the ISO. There is no way to make a live-USB without the ISO.

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There is probably no way that can be done, at least in the present scenario. You either need to download the iso from the internet or buy a CD/DVD/USB, which can be procured at very low prices, even for free, though officially Canonical has stopped shipping them to your home for free.

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