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I have a Python 3.2 script that I'd like to package for Ubuntu and Debian. I've certainly looked for documentation but I wasn't sure that I was getting the latest and greatest/easiest methods.

If someone with enough knowledge could please point me to the most recent guide on how to do this, it would be very useful to me.

Additionally, given a bit of what I have seen I might need a file too? If so I need to learn about that too.

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The Ubuntu developer portal has a very complete Packaging Guide.

There is also a tool, Quickly, designed to help new developers hack and package their applications easily and... quickly. This tool will also help you creating the script.

Finally, take a look at how to get started at Ubuntu application development.

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You could use debreate. A GUI tool to make .deb files. you can get it here. You could also look into ST Alfas answer in this link. Hope this helps! :)

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