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I use Clementine on 12.04 as an audio player. When i am typing something on the search bar, it searches my local music library as well as Internet. Some times it shows songs which is not in my music library. So, i want to download songs which streaming from Internet( jamendo, Icecast, Google drive, UbuntuOne, Magnatune,JazzRadio, DI and much more). I can stream songs easily,but there is no option to download them to my computer. Can anyone help me??

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this is the command you need

xterm -e streamripper {tp} -d /media/storage/Music

please read this to understand it completely :

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i assume, tp is for the address of server. But, how can i get the address of a particular streaming song? – 001neeraj Jan 1 '13 at 17:51

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