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I've been trying to install Ubuntu for last 2 days, and have gone through many webpages for help with no avail.

Here's what I did:
I downloaded Unetbootin and used it to mount the 12.10 Desktop Edition .iso file to 4GB USB. The computer i'm trying to install does not support USB booting. But by going to Hard Drives --> Extra Plugin in boot many(F12), it does allow USB booting. and it opens and shows the error invalid or corrupt kernal image boot:.

I guess if I give the directive to the booting file which it asks for, it will allow me to install. Or what should I do to install it? This same error has shown before when I tried to install it through CD.

The above method is what I tried last. I have tried many ways. By using USB Installer, the error is UI Directive not found, or something like that. It was caused by my USB being NTFS.

Edit: I formatted my USB to FAT32. My C:/ is already FAT32.

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I got it working. I formatted usb in fat16 and used universal usb installer to mount iso and now its done. I've installed it. But i dont think i want Ubuntu now, because this seems pretty slow, 'cause this pc is pretty old. It have Pentium 4 @ 3 GHz, Ram - 1.2GB.

I searched web and found out Xubuntu. I've downloaded the iso. Now this is my new problems.

To format the drive and to mount the iso, i went to startup disk creator. It failed to format the drive. So i just deleted the files in it and clicked on make the drive. Xubuntu booted for install, but showed some error. I guess it's 'cause its because the format wasn't done. Help me.

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Before burning the Image file to DVD or copying it to USB, i think you should test the checksum of the downloaded file.

Here you can re-download the .ISO file if needed.

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