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It seems that everyone has Google search provider for GNOME Shell by default. But I don't! In /usr/share/gnome-shell/search-providers I only have 3 search providers: gnome-contacts, gnome-documents and nautilus search provider (which is not working, why?).

How can I add Google search? I also like to add Zeitgeist search. That's a thing I miss about Unity

(GNOME 3.6)

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Search buttons for Google and Wikipedia were present in the Activities Overview in earlier versions of GNOME Shell, but it wasn't an actual search provider and didn't integrate very well.

You can try a Wikipedia search provider from

I haven't seen a Google search provider yet.

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Create a new file, called google.xml and paste this google search lense code for gnome-shell into it. (I don't know about the Zeitgeist search, sorry!)

Save the .xml file and put it in: (root access is required!)


Now you successfully added the "google search lense" in gnome-shell!

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