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After checking some forex sites like AGEA - Trading and Investing site, they are giving good business but only run on windows. What I want to know is if there are any kind of forex business application which run under Ubuntu? What is the name of the platform and how do I join that business. I don't want to go back installing windows to make this business run with me.

MetaTrader Platform

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You can use Wine to run Windows-only Application within Ubuntu.

Wine supports MetaTrader and you would be able to run it fine. However, you would have to use the Development Version of Wine as MetaTrader4 requires Wine 1.5.4 and MetaTrader5 requires Wine 1.5.9. Look at this link which gives further information about running MetaTrader under Wine. The latest Wine Development Release is 1.5.20 and you should install this version for greater compatibility.

Step 1 : Add Wine PPA to your software sources:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

Step 2 : Update your software sources:

sudo apt-get update

Step 3 : Install latest development release of Wine:

sudo apt-get install wine1.5

Step 4 : Run the executable Setup File *.exe for your version of MetaTrader to install it as you normally do in Windows.

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Although you can run MT4/5 on ubuntu (as I do), you will run into issues with regards to rendering of icons/graphics, that is problematic in the linux world. My suggesting to you, is if you want to run something native on your laptop/desktop (without the use of a VPS), then try opening up a demo account with a broker that offers a web based platform.

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I have used it on Ubuntu and it works flawlessly. – Aditya Jan 23 '13 at 12:07

Maybe Crossover fits you better than Wine. According with the official webpage, crossover runs MetaTrader.

Ok, Crossover is not free software, but maybe for you is most straitforward solution.

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