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I have an English Ubuntu. Today suddenly the update manager asks me to download 48 MB of "Japanese TrueType font, Ume-font". It says it is a new install. Do I really need this for something? I can not imagine why I need Japanese fonts.

This is the package that I am being 'forced' to install: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/fonts/ttf-umefont

It is listed under DISTRIBUTION UPDATES.

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Since I couldn't find that package in the official package list, I'll assume it comes from a third-party repository.

To find out which package depends on ume-font, install apt-rdepends (instructions) and do a reverse lookup (info):

apt-rdepends -r ume-font
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It does come from the official package list, the name is ttf-umefont: packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/fonts/ttf-umefont -- I still do not understand WHY it is being installed...? –  user6019 Jan 26 '11 at 13:53
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I've removed wine, and this "update" no more popped up.

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I now found it indeed! packages.ubuntu.com/maverick-updates/wine1.2 Why a Japanese font package is marked as "Recommended" for Wine is beyond me (especially given its large size), but well, that is something that most likely has a good reason. Thanks. –  user6019 Jan 26 '11 at 20:39

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