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Is there a way to install a driver for the Canon MP250 driver in Ubuntu 12.10. I checked the Canon site and there is no driver but I am seeing if in Ubuntu that I can get a driver from typing something in terminal or if there is another way to do it.

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I've had the same problem with 12.04 and an MX310 printer - here's how it was fixed:

  1. Download the tarball for the MX340 driver v3.30 from
  2. Extract, run, and instal the appropriate .deb file in /packages/ (may not appear to be installed)
  3. Open the upper-right menu and click "Printers"
  4. Click "Add". This will open up a list of printers the computers has found. Click "cancel".
  5. Now, choose to add from a ppd file and browse to /usr/share/ppd/ and choose canonmx340.ppd
  6. Click "OK" and set whatever settings you wish, and you're done! :)
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Here is a tutorial for that and here is the website to download the driver

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