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I really am on the KDE site of thinks, but i also love the shortcuts of the Unity launcher and the Windows7 Taskbar.

Is there a way to bring the META+number shortcut for switching and launching applications to KDE?

That would really make my day, so thanks a lot :)

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I don't exactly have an answer, but I recently moved to KDE and had a similar need. I have two options, but neither launches applications, just switches to them. The one I use is to have 9 virtual desktops, and assign Meta+number to switch to each desktop. Then, I force applications to open in a specific one. System Settings > Window Behaviour > Window Rules. Create a new rule, Detect Window Properties and click on your application window. Then go to Size & Position > Desktop > Apply Initially > select your Virtual Desktop.Alternatively, you could directly assign a shortcut key by Window Rules –  Sparhawk Dec 28 '12 at 2:50
by using Arrangement & Access > Shortcut. In the first case, I then use activities to segregate tasks (e.g. work/home/play), while segregating applications by virtual desktop. –  Sparhawk Dec 28 '12 at 2:52
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