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I'm using xubuntu 12.10 live . While installing it didn't detect the rest of partitions, even Gparted didn't detect them . I used

Fixparts : www.rodsbooks.com/fixparts
in order to fix this . I made the backup parts.txt inside the hard disk. I made a mistake so when I write sudo fdisk -l in terminal it shows:

xubuntu@xubuntu:~$ sudo fdisk -l
fdisk: unable to seek on /dev/sda: Invalid argument

and even when I'm trying to boot my windows it shows me that everything is deleted . i can't access everything except the bios and the liveCD ...


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more infos : Disk size is 625142448 sectors (298.1 GiB) MBR disk identifier: 0x000D87AD –  Kimozer Aljithr Dec 27 '12 at 8:49

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