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I have come across several installation instructions that include the command deb. But it appears that this command is not available on my installation.

Where can I get this command? Is there a work-around?

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I'm embarassed that I didn't realize the instructions I was reading weren't showing me something to type at the command line, it was showing me a line to put in a file. I'm glad you asked this question! –  Tyler Collier Oct 13 '13 at 5:40

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'deb' is not a command. It is used in sources.list file to indicate a Debian software repository.

From Ubuntu Manpage - sources.list:

The source list is designed to support any number of active sources and a variety of source media. The file lists one source per line, with the most preferred source listed first. The format of each line is: type uri args. The first item, type determines the format for args. uri is a Universal Resource Identifier (URI), which is a superset of the more specific and well-known Universal Resource Locator, or URL.

The deb type describes a typical two-level Debian archive, distribution/component. The format for a sources.list entry using the deb and deb-src types is:

deb [ options ] uri distribution [component1] [component2] [...]

The URI for the deb type must specify the base of the Debian distribution, from which APT will find the information it needs. distribution can specify an exact path, in which case the components must be omitted and distribution must end with a slash (/). This is useful for when the case only a particular sub-section of the archive denoted by the URI is of interest. If distribution does not specify an exact path, at least one component must be present.

So, if I have deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ quantal main restricted in sources.list it says I have a Debian archive which is based on "http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/", the distribution is "quantal" and the components are "main" and "restricted".

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And sources.list is in /etc/apt/ on 12.04. –  Ahmed Fasih Dec 4 '13 at 15:36
Can be useful if you say that "deb" lines are instructions added to Aptitude source lists. That would eliminate the amount of confusion this whole issue creates. –  Shehi Jan 27 at 10:08

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