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Paste shortcuts, or perhaps create a link to another folder from a folder, or any thing of the sort.

I need to do this because I want to crate a link from other directories to my music folder, so that Rhythmbox can update its libraries like that. I am also asking if it is a good way for adding music to Rhythmbox's library. I am quite new to this, please pardon if the question meets the foolishness criteria. :|

Thanks in advance!

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You can do it in Nautilus (the equivalent of Windows Explorer) within Ubuntu.

Let's say you want to make a shortcut of


inside another folder called


1. Drag and drop

Hold down Ctrl+Shift and drag the source_folder with the Left mouse button into the dest_folder.

2. Right Click Menu

Right click on the source_folder and choose Make Link. A new folder called "Link to source_folder" will be created in /home/you_name/ and you can move it inside dest_folder and rename the link to what you want.

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You can do it from the Termnial:

ln -s /home/your_name/source_folder /home/you_name/dest_folder
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Right click the folder you want to link to, select Make Link. A link to the that folder will be created, and you can copy it to the music folder, or wherever within the filesystem.

PS: Apologies, if it's not like in Windows, not sure how it's done there.

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If you have a Mouse with 3 buttons (or a pressable mouse wheel) you can drag and drop the file/folder with the 3rd button pressed. Alternatively, hold down the "Alt"-Key while dragging. A pop-up menu will give you options whether you want to link, move or copy.

(That is for Unity and Gnome. KDE might be different.)


I just played around a little. When you press "Shift+CTRL" while you drag, it will crate a link. The mouse pointer indicates which action will be taken (a small plus next to it means copy, a knot for a link)

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