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I believe the answer is no, but I just wanted to confirm that it is not possible to configure Grub2 to select an OS via a single hotkey press.

It just seems like a convenient way to navigate and I was hoping to create a splash screen of my own design with the OSes as bitmaps rather than text overlaid on the background.


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I don’t think there is a way to configure Grub2 through a single hot key press.

To modify your OS choice or any other modifications I would recommend you to install a GUI app called grub-customizer. As the name suggests, you can do much more than just reordering Grub menu entries with it.

You can install it by opening a terminal window(Ctrl + Alt + T) and type the following one after the other:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

You could also look into this link for screenshots and step by step procedure on how to customize.

And if you want your boot loader to to look better you could install burg. Here's a link which gives you a step by step procedure to install burg.

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