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I was messing up with my system files when i noticed some odd-looking files.

Just wanted to know what all files are put up by wubi installed and where?
Here are few files i believe to exist:

  • wubildr.mbr - In the root partition of windows (c:\ ).
  • wubildr - In the root partition of windows (c:\ ).
  • Adds a line to boot.ini in windows' root ( C:\wubildr.mbr = "Ubuntu" )
  • Directory named "Ubuntu" - Containing all the main files for Ubuntu_OS.

What all files are added and what all windows files are modified by wubi?
Can I manually remove these files to remove Ubuntu if i don't want to uninstall via wubi ?
Does wubi make any modifications to the windows boot loader aswell ?

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Assuming That you installed everything in your windows root directory, it being C:\
The Following files are added up by Wubi :

  • C:\ubuntu\ - The directory where Ubuntu is installed.
  • C:\wubildr.mbr - The master boot record only for Ubuntu
  • C:\wubildr* - Other miscellaneous files to help boot Ubuntu
  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Wubi] - Registry key to show Wubi under Add/Remove Software

The Following files are modified:

  • Windows Xp - C:\boot.ini - Adds this line C:\wubildr.mbr = "Ubuntu"
  • Windows 98 - C:\config.sys - Adds this line C:\wubildr.mbr = "Ubuntu"
  • Windows 7 - Open cmd and use bcdedit command to search for the {GUID} specified for the Ubuntu entry.
    One may delete it with this command bcdedit /delete {GUID} if needed.

Yes, To manually uninstall Wubi and Ubuntu, you may safely delete all the above said files.

To the best of my knowledge (tough not sure); no changes are committed to windows boot loader.

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