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Will alt textOneConf be in the next release? (Integrated into Ubuntu Software Center, I mean)
Because the alt textLaunchpad blueprint whiteboard reads:

POSTPONE default integration into ubuntu because of synchronization in desktopcouch is failing for a lot of users. Prefer to delay one cycle to let ubuntuone guys working on that and having a sweet OneConf into Natty!

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Sadly, probably not. Right now even desktopcouch (which OneConf uses) isn't on the CD, and as far as I'm aware no further work has been done on OneConf in quite a while: the last commit to the project was in October 2010, so it's not looking good.

Nevertheless, there is still hope; you can keep track of the state of things better if you subscribe to the natty blueprint that revisits the issue.

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Not quite true. Didier, the author of OneConf, is still planning on working on it in this cycle. – sil Jan 29 '11 at 8:38
That's why there's still hope :) – Chipaca Jan 29 '11 at 14:21

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