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I have a hard drive in my laptop with a windows and an ubuntu partition. I got an SSD to replace my hard drive, but it has a slightly lower capacity. I've already partitioned the SSD to the sizes I want, and each partition on the new disk is larger than the amount of used space on my old hard drive.

I was going to use dd, but it appears that it requires partitions to be the same size.

How can I copy my old partitions onto my new ssd? I'm copying my boot partition too, so how can I make sure the new disk is bootable, and the new partitions are exactly the same as the old ones (but with less free space)?

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Don't bother to partition SSD disk.

I would suggest to shrink the partitions on the old disk first to fit the size of the SSD, then dd old disk to new one

But make a backup first.

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