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Still fighting to get my nas (dlink) to mount in 12.04, same message as most other folks I see, I've tried a bunch of fstab stuff and i've tried to use samba, not getting it. Is there a step by step for this yet, I can see it, and the files with upnp inspector but cannot play any thing I'm getting desperate!

The nas was setup with my win 7 computer but that computer blew up so got a new one, installed 12.04 on it, the only other computer on the network is my XP laptop, the nas shows up when I browse network by itself and in my windows network icon too but still get the unable to mount location - failure to retrieve share list from server message. I've installed samba thru the software cente, and the nas is at called dlink-034273 and the shared folder is called Volume_1

When I go to the address of the nas in a browser the login screen is setup as admin and I dont put a passwrd or username in, just click login and I get all the nas management

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first check if the share is there:


then create a file /home/user/.smb



sudo mkdir /mnt/Volume_1
sudo mount -t cifs -o credentials=/home/user/.smb // /mnt/Volume_1
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