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On a clean install I get a file called missfont.log in my home directory as well as in other directories in which I open pdfs. I don't want it there.

How can I avoid this log to be created? One of the following bug reports speaks of installing tetex-bin, but I cannot find it: bug1 and bug2.

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edit: this solution did not work after all. all suggestions are welcome.

I found a solution, but it is not flawless. Apparently the bug is related to dvips. I added a file .dvips in my home folder and tried to redefine the MISSFONT_LOG variable. The latter is very poorly documented, so feel free to add the correct version. I tried the following and I am no longer getting missfont.log files all over the place (also no .missfont.log files, though).

MISSFONT_LOG = $HOME/.missfont.log 
MISSFONT_LOG = .missfont.log
MISSFONT_LOG : .missfont.log
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